Food - Mad

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    Vegan Christmas Cookies – Veganske Jule Småkager

      Dried dates and figs bring back memories from my childhood Christmas…. I remember my father eating them, back then when these lovely dried fruits were only avalable around Christmas as the one time of year! We use them in these Christmas cookies as part of the “wet” base mixing them with other tasty ingredients. And as […] Read more…

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    Glutenfree chickpea cake – Kikærte kage uden gluten

      Our favorite cake for the autumn, being a nutrient-dense and “heavy” kind of cake with lovely and almost christmas-like flavours such as orange and cinnamon. We love chickpeas in our family – one of the boys likes them whole and round, or mashed with olive oil and salt – while the other boy – the […] Read more…

Knitting - Strik

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    Knitted Loop Hat – Strikket Loop Hue

    Getting ready for “hat-weather” with this super easy loop stitch hat…. yes, I know, still into these loop stitches…ahem….!! This one is made in one piece and knitted flat and sewn together. Starting with stockinette stitches and ending with three rows of double loop stitches, which iquals the pompom. Materials: Yarn: Drops Eskimo 100% wool […] Read more…

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    Girly Autumn Flower Scarf – Blomstret Efterårs Tørklæde

    I had these leftover skeins lying around and had just enough for some smaller scarfs… and then I have become quite a fan of the fluffy loop stitches, so thought they could be made into some flower-look-a-likes on these scarfs. The flowers are then made of a “5-times-around-the-finger” long fur stitch with the ends of the leaves […] Read more…

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